Personal Insurance

Best premiums on home, motor and household insurance.You can insure just about anything if you are prepared to pay for it, however, the majority of consumers spend their hard earned money on short term insurance policies that safeguard their homes, their belongings, and their cars.

 Homeowners Insurance:

Homeowners policies cover the physical structure of your home as well as the fittings and fixtures contained therein against specified natural and non-natural disasters. This type of cover is invariably a condition of financing if you get approved for a home loan.

Household Insurance:

Household policies cover everything your house contains. High value items such as jewellery, certain antiques, Persian carpets etc. normally need to be specified on your policy and are likely to attract a somewhat higher rate than general contents.

Motor Vehicle Insurance:

Motor vehicle insurance comes in three flavours: 3rd Party; 3rd Party, Fire and Theft; and Comprehensive. If you finance your vehicle through a lender, this type of insurance is usually a condition of your financing being approved.