Business Insurance

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

busNo business is without risk – whether you run a small commercial enterprise or operate a multi-national corporation.

The key to managing it is to partner with an insurer that understands the risks inherent in your particular field of business – and who will tailor a risk management solution to meet your specific insurance requirements.

We Offer

Insurance products for the world of commerce, from the one-man business venture through to large companies, including:

  • Fire, storm and explosion cover for buildings, machinery and stock;
  • Business interruption cover following fire damage;
  • Theft cover for machinery or stock;
  • Money cover for cash on hand up to certain amounts; also if stolen whilst being taken to or collected from a bank;
  • Liability cover for costs incurred as a result of an accident for which the businessman is held responsible and is legally liable;
  • Personal accident cover for all staff working for the business;
  • Motor cover for damage caused to company vehicles (includes elements of liability and Third Party Cover); and
  • Fidelity cover for acts of dishonesty, where employees defraud the company.