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Domestic and commercial insurance to cover loss or damage to your assets or possessions.

Different types of Short Term Insurance


There are different Types of Short Term Insurance, it is always good to familiarise yourself with them #ShortTermINsurance

There are certain unforeseeable and often unavoidable risks that go hand in hand with the ownership of property, assets and valuables. The best way to ensure that you have peace of mind and security is to hand these risks over to a … Read More...

The history and evolution of Short-Term Insurance


The word insurance invokes images of lengthy policy documents and lifelong commitments – a complex modern-day necessity that protects us from potential misfortune. Learn about the history and evolution of short-term insurance #ShortTermInsurance Read More...

The amount celebrities spend to insure their body parts


You will never believe the amount celebrities spend to insure their body parts #ShortTermInsurance

Next time you think your insurance premiums are a bit high, just imagine the premiums on a R1.7 Billion Rand insurance policy!… Read More...

Farmers insurance is essential


Insurance is not only limited to cars, boats, and home hold content. If you are a farmer or stay on a plot or small holding and rely on crops for an income, then farmers insurance is essential for you #ShortTermInsurance

Insure Brokers have been involved with agriculture insurance for many years and understand the risks associated with farming. We offer … Read More...