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Should you become disabled, this would provide either a monthly income or a lump sum.

Adequately covered in the event of disability


Are you adequately covered in the event of disability? These stats might blow your mind #DisabilityCover #DisabilityInsurance

Make sure you are not part of the 60% of South Africans that are underinsured for disability. … Read More...

Two Million South Africans have become disabled through accidents


Do you R450,000 at your disposal? If not, you should make sure you are financially prepared to deal with a worst case scenario #DisabilityCover #DisabilityInsurance

Disability is something no one wants to talk about, and it’s one of those things you think will never happen to you or any of your family members. … Read More...

Road accident statistics are shocking


Fatal road accident statistics are shocking! We need to face the horrible truth #DisabilityCover #DisabilityInsurance #CriticalInsurance #IllnessInsurance #IllnessCover #EstatePlanningRead More...