INbusiness (3 posts)

Cover would ensure continuity of a business in the event of the death of the owner/partner or key employee.


INcares (3 posts)

CSI, Insure Brokers work within our community.


INcome (3 posts)

This would provide cover in the event of being unable to carry on with one’s daily employment due to injury or illness.


INcritical (4 posts)

Should you become critically ill this would provide a lump sum pay out.


INdisability (5 posts)

Should you become disabled, this would provide either a monthly income or a lump sum.


INeducation (4 posts)

Investing for your children’s education.


INestate (3 posts)

To draw up a will and plan to ensure loved ones are provided for adequately in the event of death.


INmedical (5 posts)

To provide cover for private healthcare facilities


INretirement (6 posts)

Saving money in preparation for retirement


INsure (6 posts)

Domestic and commercial insurance to cover loss or damage to your assets or possessions.


INvestments (3 posts)

Investing or saving money to achieve goals set in life.